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*****Welcome to LeMU***** ~~the Ocean Theme Park~~~


Ever 17 ~the out of infinity~


The story takes place in "LeMU," an awesome marine theme park located at the bottom of the ocean underneath an artificial island called "Insel Null" off the coast of Tokyo in Japan. Insel Null is not only a place for resortation but it holds the most update technology, especially it has a powerful computer system called "LeMMIH" to control and regulate the entire system of LeMU.  
On May 1st., 2017 around 12:51 p.m. LeMU has an unknown accident and causing 7 people trap inside in the deep place...  



Can you imgaine if you were one of them, trap inside in a deep place under the dark ocean? How are you going to escape? And how are you going to survive?

What's New?


10/30/11 - New OP video of "Ever17 ~the out of infinity~" in Xbox 360!!! It's been 7 years and I'm suprised & excited that the game still running in its newest and update version in different type of game console (PC, PS2, PSP, Xbox360) Definitely amazing!


05/24/07 - Roar! Add some Ever17's videos on my pages today!!! :Please note that these videos are sponsored by and they are made by anime/games fans. I didn't own any of these videos. 

(p.s. aww ;_; I really need to learn how to made my own videos someday)  


05/22/07 - Wee! Add a message broad on my "Contact Me" page! Feel free to meebo me whenever you see that I'm on ; )  


01/28/05 - Yippy! This website is published! However, I still have a lot to work on since I still haven't finish the "Ever17 ~the out of infinity~" =p


12/04/04 - I'm so interested in the PC games lately and I found that "Ever17 ~the out of infinity~" is such an interesting game. It's like most of the love stimulation game, but it involves a lot of mysteries when you go beyond the story. Here I'm going to travel to the world of "LeMU" with you : )





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